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Remote Airline Check-in at Airports – Bags Case Studies


An efficient baggage check-in process is crucial in ensuring a positive airport experience. Our objective is to meet passengers at their moment of need and free them of their luggage. To that end, Bags’ strategically places our check-in services in areas of high-volume and high-friction for passengers such as multimodal facilities, train stations, rental car centers, parking garages, and surface lots. 

A large airport hub located in the Mountain region of the U.S. contracted with Bags to provide Remote Airline Check-in services for their passengers at various locations on the travelers’ approach to the airport:  at an economy parking lot and at the platform where the rail station arrives to the airport.  Travelers are able to free themselves of their luggage and proceed directly to security, saving valuable time and avoiding the congestion of the airline ticket counter.

Studies and surveys at this airport have demonstrated extremely high levels of customer satisfaction with the Bags Remote Airline Check-In:  97% satisfaction with their baggage check-in experience and 98% would recommend Bags Remote Airline Check-In.  The time saved by passengers in the Remote Airline Check-In process resulted in getting through security 15% faster and also resulted an increase of 34% more spending post-security.

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