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SP+ develops and integrates industry-leading technology with best-in-class operations management and support to deliver mobility solutions that enable the efficient and time-sensitive movement of people, vehicles, and personal travel belongings.

Offering a wide range of technology driven mobility solutions, we are committed to deliver business success by supporting our client’s unique objectives and diverse needs across aviation, commercial, hospitality, and institutional industries. Our extensive range of services encompasses professional parking management, ground transportation, luggage logistics and management, facility maintenance, and event logistics.

Our team members take pride in SP+ creating memorable experiences for our guests, clients, and co-workers. Our diverse and talented workforce is dedicated and primed to meet current and future demands, blending people and technology to deliver service excellence. Through training and talent management programs, our employees are engaged from day one to develop their professional skills in support of the clients we serve. 

Leveraging our core values of integrity, ingenuity, and diversity, we provide our clients with solutions that streamline operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. With over 20,000 team members located throughout North America and Europe, SP+ is committed to providing solutions that make every moment matter for a world on the go.

SP+ employee working on parking equipment

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