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RMS Case Study #1:  Using Sphere Remote to Develop New Technology Solutions, Save Costs and Optimize Operations



Sphere Remote Management Services was implemented across a major Western U.S. city that operates 5 large garages in the city with 3,530 spaces.  Part of our Sphere Remote implementations include full operational mapping of the garage operation.  Doing so serves 3 core goals:  (1) to get a full understanding of the operation (2) to anticipate and then eliminate any potential customer service issues and (3) to identify and document the most efficient and effective ways to resolve all customer service issues so that our agents can assist expeditiously.  As part of the thorough analysis of the city’s garage operations, the Sphere analytics platform revealed that 20% of the requested calls for assistance were mistaken or empty calls. 


To reduce this number of unnecessary calls to our live agents, the Sphere Remote team identified a new technological solution called the “2-button push”.  The “2-button push” is simple but effective:  when a customer pushes the call button for assistance, if they need to talk to a live agent, they are asked to push the button again which connects them to our agent immediately.  If it was pushed accidentally, then there is no call sent to our live agent, which eliminates an additional charge to the client. 


As a result of the “2-button push” implementation, the number of mistaken or empty calls were reduced by 50%, which in turn saved operational costs to the Client and improved call wait times for customers in the lane that needed to reach a live agent.


  • 50% reduction in mistaken/empty calls
  • No-cost solution to reduce unnecessary calls

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