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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital


“SP+ has partnered with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for over six years. During this time, the hospital campus has grown and changed in ways that create a constant challenge in making our patients and families enjoy the highest possible level of customer service. This has been especially true of parking. I’d like to provide a couple of examples of how the company met the challenges we presented to them.

Our campus is located in the heart of a busy, growing, urban area. The parking resources for our 5,000 employees and the thousands of visitors and patients each week are distributed among multiple garages and surface lots. Over the past 5 years, due to major building projects, we have had to relocate our valet program 4 times! Relocating required close coordination with hospital and construction staff. Several hundred cars each day had to be handled without missing a beat, despite street closures, greater travel distances and being split among multiple valet sites. It all had to be seamless to our patients and their families.

I have been impressed as it became clear the on-site management, regional leadership, and company consultants have realized they are our partners. They consistently looked at how their need to provide great service meshed with the needs of many hospital departments also involved in this growth. SP+ recognized that a successful patient or visitor encounter was affected by every department, not just parking services. This ability to see the “big picture” was enhanced by the close attention paid to the more granular details of providing valet services.

Finally, this level of service was also matched by significant achievement on the business side as evidenced by solid budgeting, excellent expense control, effective employee training, and enhanced revenue. These indicators have paralleled the service quality increase.”

Kevin McTernan
Director, Administrative Services
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

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