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Wheelchair Services – Bags Case Studies


Passengers with reduced mobility deserve a wheelchair experience characterized by empathy, efficiency, and a deep commitment to their comfort and safety. Our wheelchair agents are equally committed to Our Promise:  Making Every Moment Matter for a World on the Go and they demonstrate this commitment every single day they interact with passengers and provide them with an exceptional experience.

As a reliable and innovative partner, Bags utilizes exceptional training combined with leading technology solutions to differentiate ourselves as premier provider of wheelchair services. Bags has been providing wheelchair services at an airport in the Western region of the U.S. since 2017. Our commitment to service excellence has earned Bags numerous awards including:  Super Star Awards in the category of Excellence in Service for multiple years and Making the Connection Award.

Airlines and Airports partnering with Bags enjoy the advantages of smoother operations and improved customer satisfaction, as passengers experience a more efficient and enjoyable journey through their airport.

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