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By combining innovation with market expertise, SP+ Residential Services offers clients multi-faceted resources and comprehensive capabilities in parking management, facility maintenance, and security.

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Facility Optimization

Helping you optimize resident parking amenities for a better user experience and maximum revenue.

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Sustainable and Green Initiatives

Leveraging technology and environmentally-friendly solutions to create sustainable parking environment.

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Improved Customer Experiences

Simplifying residential parking through streamlined and frictionless experiences for residents and their visitors.

Solutions that support our clients.

Residential parkers value an effective and consistent parking experience. Our Residential services team works with homeowner and tenant associations to create enhanced parking services that tenants can rely on. Whether self-park, valet, or transportation services, we combine operational excellence with advanced technology to create a streamlined, stress-free experience your tenants will love.

Intimately familiar with the priorities of homeowner and tenant associations, we develop customized operating plans that combine courtesy and convenience with efficiency and economy.

In existing facilities, we offer a wide range of space optimizing solutions, including stack parking and layout redesigns. We work with you to create streamlined processes that incorporate state-of-the-art parking technologies, including:

  • license plate inventory systems
  • barcode decals
  • key card control
  • automated payment lanes
  • handheld cashiering.

Our flexible monthly billing management system handles multiple rates and rate changes, reserved spaces, and inventory control. These advanced systems, monitored off-site by our back-office support system, capture revenue while reducing labor and operating costs.

Valet attendants are the ambassadors of residential buildings.Our Valet Team is trained to the highest service and hospitality industry standards. Each team member must complete our customer-service training programs and are expected to deliver service levels commensurate with the properties they serve.

We anticipate and accommodate peak traffic times to ensure that each resident or guest receives a courteous welcome, prompt car retrieval, and smooth departure.

We’ve mastered the art of reliable facility maintenance with sustainable and budget-friendly practices. Our wide range of maintenance services include  power sweeping, painting, general housekeeping, and  concrete and asphalt repairs. Our eco-friendly processes and products reduce pollutants and water resources while delivering high-quality results.

Our Shuttle Bus services offer effective, efficient transportation solutions for residential buildings of all sizes. Whether you need routes for off residence locations or around a large facility, our shuttle buses solutions ensure residents get where they need to go quickly and easily. Shuttle Bus services include:

  • Vehicle selection
  • Financing
  • ADA compliance
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Resident and visitor options

Providing operational support and technical experience to exclusive residential properties nationwide.

  • Four Seasons Tower
  • 1330 Boylston
  • 360 Hubbard
  • Archstone Boston 
  • Common
  • Flagship Wharf
  • Parris Landing
  • Trilogy
  • Aqua
  • Chicago Place
  • Edgewater Plaza
  • Fordham
  • Gold Coast Galleria
  • Grand & Kingsbury
  • Hawthorne House
  • Newberry Plaza
  • One Magnificent Mile
  • Park Place Tower
  • Park Shore
  • Shoreham
  • Superior Place
  • Reserve Square
  • Executive Center
  • Kamakee Vista
  • Park at Harbor View
  • Douglas Building
  • Grand Central Market
  • 455 Central Park West
  • Citylights at Queens Landing
  • Montgomery Green
  • New Roc City
  • Parker Towers
  • Capital Towers
  • Alcyone Apartments
  • Thornton Place
  • Rincon Center
  • Statesman

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Providing exclusive experiences at residential buildings

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