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Curbside Concierge – Bags Case Studies


Curbside Concierge reimagines the curbside arrival experience and transforms the traditional skycap service into an elevated arrival experience for passengers. Curbside Concierge empowers passengers to start their journey with speed, convenience, and personalized hospitality. Our elevated VIP look and well-trained staff ensures a swift and effortless process. Additionally, our technology provides the ability to check-in multiple airlines on one platform seamlessly integrates with existing airport infrastructure. 

A midsize airport in the Southeast has contracted with Bags to provide Curbside Concierge services since its inception.  Surveys conducted at this airport has demonstrated that passengers have enjoyed a positive service experience with 97% customer satisfaction ratings and 95% of passenger plan to use this service again in the future.  Speed, convenience and value of the service were rated at the top by customers.

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