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Southwest Florida International Airport


SP+ Airport Services has been managing the parking and ground transportation operation at Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) for 17 years. Comprised of a Short-Term Garage, Long-Term and Employee Lots, and Public and Employee Shuttle systems, this operation demonstrates our ability to provide a high level of service at one of the fastest-growing airports in the country. In 2006, parking revenues at RSW exceeded $15 million, more than double the revenues of 1999.  Throughout our tenure, we’ve worked closely with the airport to manage this continued growth.

In 2005, in close coordination and planning with airport staff, we transitioned the entire parking operation from the old split terminal at RSW to the new mid-field terminal and parking complex. This venture demanded a comprehensive transition document, re-training of all employees on the use of the new Zeag revenue control system, and the identifying and securing of expanded vendor services.

The new parking configuration more than tripled the number of required shuttle vehicles. We successfully hired and trained over 60 new drivers and now operate 31 fourteen-passenger shuttle vehicles in a demand style bumper-to-bumper operation serving over 8,000 spaces in the new Long Term parking facility. Offering a level of service similar to that offered by off-airport operators, this is one of the largest on-airport demand style shuttle operations in the United States.

To ensure a smooth transition, we consulted the client on fleet requirements and recommended appropriate bus specifications, performed a detailed route and headway analysis, created a comprehensive budget and cost analysis, recommended infrastructure modifications for ingress / egress improvement, recruited and trained curbside customer service representatives, and operated a temporary inter-terminal busing operation to accommodate passengers flying out of the old terminal and returning to the new facility after transition.

Our on-site management and staff at RSW continue to set a high standard for customer service and personalized attention to customer needs, as evidenced by the customer service awards and recognition we receive from the Airport and the community.

Technology Forward +

Our technology is designed around creating efficient and revenue-maximizing parking & transportation solutions.

“LA Metro transit parking program consists with over 80 locations spread out in 1,400 square miles. Innovation and efficiency are keys to success. LA Metro is proud to partner with SP+ to develop a competent enforcement system with functional technology. The innovative solutions that our enforcement system adopted are cutting edge, but not bleeding edge, which made it functional. Parking enforcement productivity increased by 1,000%, yes, 10 times, prior to the implementation!”
Frank Ching, LA Metro

Technology Deployed

System Integrations

All integrations are done through APIs, where data is communicated in real time via Passport’s back office, the data is gathered from several cohesive sources. Data flows from the onsite pay stations (Global), the fixed and mobile LPR systems (Genetec), and from Passport’s enforcement tools and permitting solution. The APIs are written to pass necessary information from the payment and permit database to the enforcement equipment solution.

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