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Providing innovative parking and transportation solutions guided by emerging industry trends and best practices.

SP+ Consulting Services gives you the opportunity to have an industry expert on your team. We administer a diverse array of services to accommodate various industries with multimodal solutions that merge operations and planning best practices. Our goal is to be your source for expert advice and innovative solutions that move your business forward. We consult on various types of multi-use developments, including university and healthcare campuses, and large venue projects across the country.

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Our Financial Assessment service includes a five-year forecasting model that evaluates revenues, operating budgets, and more.
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Parking Service Assessments to Improve Performance

Analyzing a broad range of parking-related activities involved in design, operational management, performance optimization, and organizational support to bring better efficiencies and revenue opportunities to your organization.

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Traffic-Related Services Support for Parking Operations

Providing comprehensive internal traffic flow studies supporting wayfinding, located signage for effective messaging, and branding tactics that improves the movement of vehicles.

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Technology Platform and Integration Analysis

Assessing the latest state-of-the-art technologies, delivering recommendations, and supporting implementations and integrations to deliver added value to your operations.

The following is a list SP+ Consulting services. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us! We’re happy to work with you to create a customized solution.

A shared parking demand study helps forecast facility development. The study includes determination of peak demand of necessary spaces and peak hours.

SP+ Supply & Allocation Analysis determines existing space use (on- street and off-street) and verifies parking space counts within the study area. The analysis includes collecting existing occupancy data, addressing both near and long-term parking use, and research into existing enforcement policies (both on-street and in private facilities).  Recommendations are provided with demand management solutions, enforcement policies (existing and proposed), and pricing models as a form of parking management.

Our Financial Assessment service includes a five-year forecasting model that evaluates revenues, operating budgets, and funding gaps as well as a review of the capital plan and asset life cycle plans. The revenue forecast is based on anticipated volume of users, proposed rates based on market conditions, and expenses determined by the operation type most suitable for the facilities.

Our Functional Design Review service gives you a holistic view of your facility’s parking landscape. The review includes a layout of vehicular ingress/egress areas, configuration of entry/exit controls lanes/queuing areas, and design of vehicular traffic circulation. Drawings are design concepts and are not engineering documents.

Our Operational Review offering ensures your operations are as effective and cost-effective as possible. The review includes recommendations on equipment integration, mobility management, reporting, revenue, and fee rates. We also include delivery of revenue forecasts based on anticipated volume of users, proposed rates based on market conditions, and expenses determined by the proposed operation type most suitable for the facilities.

Wayfinding and signage have a huge impact on your facility’s success. Our Wayfinding & Signage Plan service includes recommendations on location, materials, mounting methods, and color schemes for wayfinding. Additionally, we include planning of individual message plans and recommended sign location drawings to facilitate orderly vehicular and pedestrian movements.

If a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) or Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) was previously completed for your project, our Consulting team can peer review the study and provide comments. The comments will focus on operational concerns.

You want your facility’s traffic to flow smoothly. Our Traffic Plan service helps you develop a traffic plan that includes parking allocation, proposed traffic control, and curb management. Project site plans, projected patron volumes, and public transportation routes/commuter studies will be reviewed.

For mobility solutions development, our Consulting team assesses the site’s mobility needs, creates a mobility plan, and determines a mobility cost projection.

Rideshare is a popular commuting option that needs to be included in a high functioning parking plan. Our team can help you develop a plan for onsite operations, including determining optimal rideshare locations, designing rideshare flow, determining geofencing needs and preparing a communication strategy.

When assessing traffic flow for projected parking facilities, we review potential queueing generated by the installation of parking revenue equipment. Using industry-approved queueing calculation techniques and data gathered from equipment vendors, we create an educated operational assessment. Previously provided layout drawings are reviewed as part of this assessment as well as surrounding vehicle traffic volumes in the area.

Our team prepares and evaluates an operational plan for garage facilities at the site. Our evaluation is based on a queueing model we developed with our technology partner. The model is configured in coordination with our partner to represent proposed operations. Additionally, we provide a video presenting an animated simulation of the parking facilities at the site.

A good user experience includes managing people on foot. Our Pedestrian Plan offering includes developing pedestrian flow and crosswalk locations, creating pedestrian flow maps, and recommending how to reduce pedestrian/vehicular conflict points. Additional consideration of Accessible Parking and emergency access are taken into account.

Our Consulting team has technology expertise. They can help you design, analyze and implement an effective technology plan for your site. The plan covers the analysis methodology, assumptions, and implementation along with a review of technology options, budget, and an equipment layout plan.

Our Fleet Management Review & Analysis service allows you to tap into our extensive services expertise to ensure your shuttle fleet is working optimally. We provide recommendations and best practices for the shuttle program, including a review of existing shuttle programs, evaluation of ridership and number of vehicles as well as a proposed solution including staffing, routing, vehicle usage, maintenance and more.

Garnering user buy-in is a crucial element to a facility’s success. We help you establish a stakeholder group to ensure there is oversight for the parking plan going forward. We also help you develop an outreach plan so you can effectively communicate with the public.

Our Consulting team works with you to prepare a parking allocation plan for your development. This includes recommendations on how to assign parking to different buildings, parking zones, as well as dedicated and shared parking spaces.

SP+ Consulting is a national support group. We have completed projects across the country.

  • Codina Partners, Downtown Doral Parking Demand Analysis, Doral, FL
  • Hillsborough County, Parking Rate Study, Tampa, FL
  • SoFi Stadium, Internal Traffic Management and Parking Operations Plan, Inglewood, CA
  • True North Development, Village of Okemos Parking Demand Analysis and Revenue Projection, Okemos, MI
  • Transwestern, 3630 Peachtree Road Shared Parking Demand Analysis, Atlanta, GA
  • Gensler, 200 Park and City View Valet Operation Model Report, San Jose, CA
  • Kansas City Airport, Kansas City Airport Wayfinding and Signage Review, Kansas City, MO
  • Sonoma County Airport, Sonoma County Airport Facility Layout and Design, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Marion County Hospital, Marion County Hospital Facility Layout and Design, Columbus, OH
  • LCOR, Continuum Phase II Valet Layout and Signage Package, White Plains, NY
  • Miami Worldcenter, Miami Worldcenter Facility Operating Plan, Miami, FL


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