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Sphere Remote™ Management

Efficient remote parking management services that deliver maximum returns.

Sphere Remote™ is our online facility monitoring platform designed to make off-site management easy, agile, and profitable. This proprietary technology streamlines management processes, improves the customer experience, and maximizes overall property ROI.

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Customizable Programs for Your Varying Needs

Sphere Remote™ programs are entirely customizable. Adapt them to fit your teams’ needs. From the command center to the account management department, Sphere Remote™ gives you one platform from which to navigate all your operations.

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Cost-Effective Multi-Tiered Options

From basic remote support to enhanced capabilities with expanded admin services, Sphere Remote™ offers a wide range of options that help you meet your customers’ needs while reducing operational expense. 

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Integrated or Standalone Capabilities

We designed Sphere Remote to be flexible. Integrate it with your established managed parking services or use it as a stand alone platform. Either way, it makes remote management an easy lift.

Solutions that support our clients.

  • Standard Tier: Standard tier monitoring is our most basic monitoring solution. It gives you an in-lane intercom communication system with gate management.
  • Integrated Tier:  PARCS integration allows your team to handle automation exceptions, such as an unreadable fee, manage credentials, and configure rates, remotely.
  •  Admin Tier: Our Admin Tier provides additional back-end support, such as daily revenue reporting, parker administration, accounts receivable and validations management.

As a critical infrastructure, Sphere Remote™ management is housed offsite in an SP+ data center, supported by a power generator and high network availability for business continuity. This dispersed footprint ensures continuity and disaster recovery as well as creating a remote-friendly infrastructure that supports today’s business models.

Best in Class Services

Sphere Remote™ management has the capacity to handle your location’s needs with service that produces results:

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